I saw this movie last night.. here's my short thoughts on it:

The first thing to note about is: It is really, really, really over dramatic. Combined with a lot of blatant symbolism ("wow.. he's melting down the last toy soldier of his murdered son to make a bullet ... I wonder if he's going to shoot his killer with it... ") the script is at times, just outright bad. At other times, it became completely unrealistic. An example would be the heart warming racial unity scenes. In fact, the whole movie glosses over the race issue, going so far as to make Mel Gibson's character a large plantation owner who ownes no slaves, but instead has employed all free men to work his land. There's even a token african celebration, where the jolly servants play their folk music and sing and dance with the kind and loving masters. While I applaud the idea of racial unity, the fact that this was South Carolina, (the first state to pack up and leave once someone dare suggest they couldn't hold people in bondage anymore) in 1776 is not only unrealistic, but pretty insulting.

Despite all this, it's a movie (at least for me) that was impossible to not like. This is mainly because there was lots of violence. After seeing this movie, there's no doubt in my mind that Mel Gibson is one bad-ass motherfucker. Blood is used in the truck loads. Gore, gore, gore. So here's what the movie really is: an $8 catharsis for blood and violence. Even though an (poor) attempt was made at drama and meaning, don't be fooled. the actors are all very competent, but still unable to hide the fact that the script was shit. Pure shit. If you want an action, fighting and killing with fantasic battles, go, you'll enjoy it. If your hoping to use you brain a little bit though, keep looking.

Rating: 3/5 Stars