"Swamp Fox" was the nickname given by the British to American Revolutionary War hero Francis Marion, and was also the name of an eight-part telvision miniseries based on Marion's exploits that was produced by Walt Disney in the late 1950s for his short-lived TV show "Disneyland."

The show starred Leslie Nielsen as Marion, and had a very catchy theme song:

Swamp Fox, Swamp Fox, tail in his hat,
Nobody knows where the Swamp Fox's at!
Swamp Fox, Swamp Fox, hides in the glen,
Runs away to fight again!

Episodes and Airdates:

1. The Birth of the Swamp Fox - October 23, 1959
2. Brother Against Brother - October 30, 1959
3. Tory Vengeance - January 1, 1960
4. Day of Reckoning - January 8, 1960
5. Redcoat Strategy - January 15, 1960
6. A Case of Treason - January 22, 1960
7. A Woman's Courage - January 8, 1961
8. Horses for Greene - January 15, 1961

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