Size: 4-24 inches high
Other Names: Indian Hemp, amyroot, bitter-root, rheumatism weed, General Marion's Weed
Apocynaceae family

Dogbane looks similar to Milkweed, it may prove difficult to tell young plants apart. They have pairs of opposite oval-shaped leaves. The surface of the leaves is dark green, while the underside is paler and covered with fine hairs. The stems are tough but not covered with hairs. The plant has clusters of pink, bell-shaped flowers. Dogbane can be found along stream banks and the edges of woods across North America and parts of Europe.

Dogbane is related to the deadly oleander and contains cymarin and toxic glycosides. Ingestion could lead to cardiac arrest and possibly death.

Dogbane can be used as cordage. Native Americans also used it to treat intestinal worms, fever, asthma, dysentery, and indigestion.

BrianShader says I feel you should point out that dogbane is an anagram of bondage.

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Dog"bane` (?), n. [Said to be poisonous to dogs. Cf. Apocynaceous.] Bot.

A small genus of perennial herbaceous plants, with poisonous milky juice, bearing slender pods pods in pairs.


© Webster 1913.

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