The Beach Boys' third album, and a huge leap forward from what they had done previously. Other than two songs, this was the last time the band would deal with the subject of surfing until they became a nostalgia act - and this was only 1963.
The album, the first to have the credit 'produced by Brian Wilson' is also the first in which it becomes obvious, with songs like In My Room, what a major songwriting force Brian was.
Technically, this album is all Brian Wilson compostions, but in fact Boogie Woodie is based on The Flight Of The Bumblebee, while South Bay Surfer is a rewrite of Stephen Foster's The Swanee River.
  1. Surfer Girl
  2. Catch A Wave
  3. The Surfer Moon
  4. South Bay Surfer
  5. The Rocking Surfer
  6. Little Deuce Coupe
  7. In My Room
  8. Hawaii
  9. Surfers Rule
  10. Our Car Club
  11. Your Summer Dream
  12. Boogie Woodie

The lineup for this album was Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Mike Love, Dave Marks and an uncredited Al Jardine, who had returned but would not be credited as a member until Shut Down Vol 2.
The album is currently available on Capitol Records as a twofer with Shut Down Vol 2
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