"but in my heart i know, shes my girlfriend...my reef girl poster on my wall"

"why cant any one see that shes the girl, the girl for me, even if she wrinkles or deteriorates, ill always love her, my heart will never change" -- BailOut

reef girl: the thing in life that makes you climb mountains, cross deserts, and swim oceans only to arrive and realize that it was never there to begin with.

its like that girl you met at that club. you can only see her red tanktop and tight black skirt grooving in your mind. you think that you'll meet again, that she'll be yours. you go back to the club every weekend and she is never there.
its like that shirt you saw at goodwill. you know the one with the number on the back. it was only ten cents, it was only ten cents.

its more fun if she wears a thong

shes my bete noire

A Reef Girl is a model in print advertisements for the Reef Clothing Company. Most often appearing in double page spreads in magazines such as Surfer (and about 14 other magazines stateside alone), Reef Girls are always hot, even if most of the time they are seen from the back. Speaking of back, Reef Girls are known for their glorious Gluteous Maximus, which is displayed in thong swim suits. Remember kids, sex sells!

I remember reading a story in Surfer about a guy who won a Reef contest and took a Reef Girl to his high school prom. Lucky bastard.

Go see for yourself.

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