Since tokumei has given an excellent objective assessment of this trend, I will now state my opinion.

Kimochi warui.

These kids may be intelligent, reasonable people. But the deep tans and heavy eye makeup just makes them look like tanuki. Only somehow less attractive.

In this case, I mean unattractive in the sense of "unhealthy-looking". Skin that dark with unnaturally brown or blond hair just looks sick. I mean sick as in ill, not depraved.

There are a lot of nice people who choose to dress in a "gothic" style. There are some drop-dead cool "punks" in this world. So I'm sure there are some extremely nice gyaru-kei style kiddies out there. But why they want to look like they're going to keel over from skin cancer any minute is beyond me.

No doubt their little dance is fun, but if I hear one more goddamned four-on-the-floor house beat, I'm going to become a disgruntled drummer and go wreaking bloody havoc with my nylon-tipped Luchetti 5D drumsticks.

For the record, the "gyaru" in "gyaru-kei" comes from the Japanese rendering of the word "gal". "Kei" means (I think) "fashion" or "style".