If we go by the motto Faster, higher, stronger, perhaps we should just axe every event aside from the 100 meter sprint to measure running speed, the marathon to measure endurance, the long jump for jumping length, the high jump for height, and, oh, weightlifting for strength.


I love the variety of events that the Olympics currently host. The more the better. I think that there ought to be an extra week, to allow some of the more obscure events (like the ten meter air rifle shoot or judo or fencing) to have a better shot at television coverage. I think the breadth of human physical competitive experience deserves as much exposure as possible in as ambitious an event as the Olympics. And there's a lot of variety that needs justice done to it. (As for rhythmic gymnastics, it has an artistry to it that means it can't be dominated by perky 13-year olds with disturbing muscle definition - more power to it.)

Ballroom dancing? Hell yeah. Rock, Paper, Scissors? Only if it's ultimate Japanese Rock, Paper Scissors. Finally, a competition I can medal in.

Because I didn't make the cut for synchronized swimming.