A street preacher who comes without fail to Harvard Square every Saturday night to embarass himself and his associates. His preferred location is the sidewalk at the intersection of Mass Ave and JFK St., right next to the MBTA elevator. He's a fair-sized white man in his 50s who wears a red baseball cap which reads "Jesus Saves". He carries a bible, from which he reads (randomly chosen, for all anyone can tell) passages in a hoarse, loud, and not very sincere voice. And NOBODY listens to him except for the faithful opposition, a crowd of pagans, goths, and Satanists who have nothing better to with their Saturday nights than to circle around the Screaming Preacher and shout their latest inane taunts and (not very) clever rebuttals of Christianity. He is their entertainment, and they are his. If you try to engage him logically, you will find that he soon resorts to simple denials of anything beyond his beliefs and attempts to ignore you. His associates try to bring the argument to a personal level, but are also soon driven to repetition of dogma. His crew is a constant source of Jack Chick-style pamplets, fun for the pit rats to set fire to if nothing else. Favorite quotes include "Open your bibles, you heathens!" (inevitable response: "Heathens don't have bibles, moron!") and "Listen friends, God's got your email address!"