I dreamt that my whole family, and a friend of the family, were on a cruise together... we were cruising down an underground river, and we got to a huge cave overlooking a cliff... just as we entered the cave, the bottom of the ship hit the cave floor, and it flipped over.

At the time this happened, everyone was inside except for my brother Stefan, and Gillian (the friend), who were on the top of the ship... everyone on the top was lost as the ship capsized.

The crew told us not to panic, and that they'd do their best to find the two missing people. Meanwhile, they gave us a large first class cabin and told us to stay there until they contacted us.

But I wasn't happy just waiting around, and decided that I'd go in search of Stefan. (I must have forgotten about Gillian at this point). I went down to the bottom of the ship, and saw that the crew were stopping anybody from leaving. Instead of going out one of the main entrances, I snuck out through the staff entrance of the restaurant.

I waited until no-one was looking, and ran for the edge of the cave. There I found a tunnel leading out, and walked down it. Soon it branched out into a new tunnel; this one had been turned into a futuristic train track, hexagonal in cross-section and bright blue, criss-crossed with green and gold stripes like a circuit board.

Then I heard Stefan's voice in my head. (Never a good sign).

"Something's not right; haven't you felt it? They don't want you to know about this place! You've gone too far, and now they are going to kill you as soon as they find you!"

I stepped onto the train tracks... as I did so, the atmosphere buzzed and the floor shimmered with purpley-bluey-black symbols, somewhat Matrix-like...

I walked up the tracks, trying to get away from the ship. Soon, I came to a service area just off the tracks... I could hear a distant rumble, so I ran into the service area and tried to hide. I tried to get into a position where I couldn't see the tracks anymore, but it was too exposed. I knew that when the train came, they would see me...

The rumble grew louder and louder, and the wind on my face became stronger. The whole place was glowing bright blue, giving me no shadows to hide amongst. Fear and paranoia started to overcome me...

~~~ I wake up and realise that I'm dreaming ~~~
~~~ I fall asleep again and re-enter the dream ~~~

I'm back in the ship again, and trying to get to our room. A large area of the ship has been converted into a chinese wet market. I half-run through the crowd, keeping a look out for crew members. The people manning the stalls give me a few odd looks.

Finally I get to the room; my family is there, but I know that I'm not safe there.

I'm out of breath, but I know that there's little time to warn them. "Mum! I found Stefan... but it's not safe! We need to leave the ship now! Please, or nobody's going to get out..."

I can see that nobody believes me, but I also know that the crew are coming to find me... "I can't stay! I love you, but I have to leave now; they're coming to take me away. Goodbye!"

Then I run out the door, and start running back towards the exit...

~~~ The dream fades, and I dream that I've just woken up. ~~~

I come downstairs; it's morning, and sunlight is streaming through the window. My mum and dad are sitting at the breakfast table.

"Hi mum," I say, "Hi dad. I just had the wierdest, most vivid dream ever... I dreamt we were on a cruise, and the ship had turned over, and..."

But our conversation is interrupted by my youngest brother. I start again, but people keep interrupting me, much to my annoyance.

~~~ I wake up properly, and write my dream down so I won't forget it ~~~