Star wars race, glimpsed in a few episodes- Episodes 1, 2, and 6 so far. Unique and popular Twi'Lek are one of the races a lot of star wars fans know of.

It is said (on many websites, at least) that "Few things are as graceful as a female Twi'lek in motion." This is probably true- and why so many off of the planet Ryloth, the Twi'lek are slaves to the rich. Many consider a Twi'lek slave a sign of class or prestige.

The Twi'lek are thin and slightly taller than humans, with multi-coloured skin pigment; they also have a distinctive pair of shapely, prehensile tentacles that grow from the back of their skulls, called "Lekku". Twi'lek often refer to their lekku individually: "tchin" is the right lekku, and "tchun", the left. The lekku contain many sensory nerves and are erogenous zones, aswell as capable for storing excess fat- though the last part isn't definite.

Twi'leks with more than two Lekku are said to be gifted- Senator Orn Free Taa was born with four, for example. This affords them high status.

They are intelligent, capable of learning and speaking most languages; Their own language combines verbal sounds and subtle movements for which they use their Lekku to communicate complex concepts. When two Twi'leks converse in public their discussions may remain completely private, unless observed by another Twi'lek or an appropriately programmed protocol droid; Even the best Linguists find it difficult to understand them.

The Twi'lek are quite common, and their skin ranges from pale white to dark green; They live on vast complexes run by Clans, including a head clan of five, on the dark side of Ryloth in the Outer Rim. The head clan is inherited into, and served in until one dies; then all of those in the Head Clan are sent into the Bright Lands on the light side of Ryloth and left to die.

Those in the head clan run everything- trade, production, etc; Each member of the Head Clan overseas one or more major aspects of the city, such as agriculture, water, power, air, and starpship services; While most cities have landing facilities for starships, few broadcast their location.

Twi'leks are omnivorous. On their homeworld, they cultivate edible molds and fungi, and raise rycrits (kind of like cows) for their meat and their hides.

Ryloth itelf is inhospitable, filled with twisted rock formations and mountains. As it rotates at a speed that makes a day as long as a year, one side is constantly in burning daylight, the other frozen in constant night. Heat storms moving at up to 370mph and other air currents are all that keep the dark side warm enough for life, although most lifeforms survive only by taking refuge in caves during the heat storms. The planet provides the galaxy with ryll, a powerfully addictive recreational substance and mineral.

The Twi'lek have an industrial-level technology, with windmills and turbines providing power to their complexes.

Twi'leks have often been targets of slavers, who through oppressive stealing of resource keep the Twi'leks little more than a minor species dependent on other races for space travel and contact with the rest of the galaxy; They actually have to pacify the slavers with ryll and slaves to stop being totally overrun, selling their own family into slavery.

The Tiw'lek try to avoid getting the great conflicts of the galaxy. Rather than being caught in raging battle, they prefer to duck into the shadows and watch. From a safe hiding spot, they can observe, plan, and prepare - and profit.

True opportunists, the sly Twi'lek have the making for a great race- but until the slavers can be removed, they will stay slaves through the galaxy.

Famous Twi'lek:

Episode 1:
Fat Senator with cute Twi'lek aide- Orn Free Taa
The said aide- Miela
Just before the Podrace sequence- Shakka
Twin Twi'lek before the Podrace sequence- Ann and Tann

Episode 2:
One of the Jedi- Ayyla Secura
Random Twi'lek in a crowd- Ayy Vida
Another of Orn Free Taa's girls- Supi
Unnamed Twi'lek played by George Lucas' daughter

Episode 6:
The girl in Jabba's pit- Oola
One of the singers in the Max Rebo band- Lin Mie
Jabba's advisor- Bib Fortuna

Jedi Knights game: