The "New Thundercats" were introduced in 1988, as part of the revival of the Thundercats series.
  • Pumyra -- has a wide range of skills, including incredible agility and speed, amazing leaping, accuracy with bow and slingshot (her preferred weapon), and she also has medical knowledge.
  • Ben Gali -- an incredibly talented blacksmith back on Thundera, Ben Gali uses his magical Hammer of Thundera to defend the Thundercats, and reforge the Sword of Omens in times of need.
  • Lynx-o -- The oldest member of the New Thundercats (and older than Panthro), he is blind, but can hear exceptionally well. He also has a "Braille-board" that he uses for various things.

Little trivia fact of my own: until I was 18, I thought Lion-O's name was Lionel. Like my train set. I never read the toy packages...