The magical sword carried by Lion-O, it has embedded in it the eye of thundera. Among the (phallic) sword's many powers, it can ... ahem ... grow in size when excited, shoot out energy beams, and give out a signal, similar to the bat-signal, which&summons all the thundercats to Lion-O's aid.

A minor correction- while I don't recall whether it revealed illusions or magic, it did also let Lion-O see things which were far away, such as where the other Thundercats were captured. It didn't have to be magical or illusory for sight beyond sight to apply; it only had to be something Lion-O could not see with his naked eyes.

And speaking of naked, I had a thing for the girl Thundercat whose name eludes me when I was about ten. (Cheetah or something that easy, I bet, but I honestly can't recall for certain.) Is that weird? I think it must be, but she was hot.

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