So, I wake up early this morning....

It turns out I've lost my aop on one of the IRC channels I go on. Without me being there. They wiped the lists last night and only some of the people who were there at the time kept their aops.

Man do I feel cheated. My friends who run the IRC channel, well.... I know it isn't real life, but you get emotionally attached to things on the net. It doesn't help that I'm addicted, either.

At least I have the entire day free to do nothing. Of course I need to get my haircut, but they ain't open on a Sunday..

Hmm. I've just got my aop back. As I'm writing this... well, that means things must be looking up. I better get back to writing that XHTML tutorial....

Update 13:58

Why is there never anything on TV on Sundays? Do they assume everyone has lives so they have things to do? Anyhoo, this tutorial I'm writing, it seems to be taking up all of my computer time at the moment. My nickname on IRC is now permanently Smigs(dnd-coding). But it'll be worth it. Some people who have looked at the early version say it's brilliant already.

I never truly relised the power of CSS until today. I changed the colour of all the headings over the four pages of my xhtml tutorial with just this:

h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6{ background-color: white; color: red; }

Of course, everytime I write color or center, I know it should be colour and centre!