"The most pretentious card game ever made."

A great new game from Savant Garde, in which you play a budding gothling, and must outshow, backstab, and be generally gother than your "friends." Such cards as Fun with eyeliner, Absinthe minded, Big tin ankh, Disturbing German Accent, and the dreaded Visit from mom will help or hinder your way to the top of the social food chain at your local club.

It has a simple, easy to learn mechanic, and some very nice artwork (and quite tongue-in-cheek). If you've ever been a part of the goth subculture, or been around it much, you will be laughing uncontrollably for the first hour. It's not collectable, so you only need to shell out the $10 or so for a deck once, and all your friends can play from that deck.

The only complaints I can think of are a limited card base, and a lack of incredibly stimulating gameplay (although I haven't played it too much, maybe there's subtleties I'm missing), which banish it forever to the realms of novelty items. Apperently, though, there's a third edition in the works, which looks like it will include new cards. Maybe they could actually make it into a fun game, and not something that makes you laugh for an hour, then gets thrown into your closet to never be seen again.

Check out the web page for info and ordering options: http://www.gothic.net/~luvcraft/gother/