The following is from Todd McCormick's mom, Ann.

Todd has been in the 'hole' since August 15. If he is found 'guilty' by the review board (essentially, we're talking a kangaroo court) he will remain in isolation, lose all visiting privileges for a year, be restricted to a single phone call per month, and God knows what else.

This is all creating tremendous stress on his health and state of mind. Todd is such a 'people person'. Being alone in a closet size room 23 hours a day and then spending the other hour alone in the exercise yard is in no way proportionate to what he has been accused of. To keep in mind that he is in prison, in the first place, for gardening, makes the whole thing even more ludicrous.

So many people have written asking what can we do. I honestly don't know.

When circumstances are dire, and the answer to 'what to do?' is "I don't know" there is one remaining action ...


What I am asking everyone to do throughout the day is pray, meditate, visualize -- for Todd to win his release, all together, from prison.

This has been going on for 37 months now. In all, he has spent 9 months in jail. They have turned his life and his friends and families lives upside down. This has seriously damaged Todd's health. Peter is dead. Neither Renee nor Kiril can come home. Alex is on probation.

For over 2 decades I fought to keep my son alive, even when his doctors felt no optimism. Now, I am expected to sit back like a 'good little citizen' and watch my government slowly kill him?

Materially, they have all lost everything they have worked for during their lives and have incredible debts piled on top of that. Already, well into 7-figures have been lost fighting this insane persecution (yes, PERSECUTION).

Peter McWilliams alone lost 2 homes and a successful career/business he had run for over 30 years - and died deeply in debt - not to mention the savings and assets he went through during the last 3 years of his life, fighting the charges - or the pain, suffering and illness he experienced trying to comply with the courts orders.


The punishment is supposed to fit the crime. Cruel and unusual punishments are against everything this nation is supposed to stand for. We are supposed to be a 'civilized' nation. We are supposed to be the "land of the free". We cherish liberty, self-determination and rugged individualism above all. At least that is what I grew up believing.

It appears, now, to have been a cruel joke -- or, perhaps, just a bunch of cleverly crafted, damnable lies.

None of these people are violent predators. None of them robbed, stole - or maliciously took advantage of others in any way. None were or are a threat to society. All are kind, gentle spirits, with tremendous respect and reverence for nature, the planet and mankind. Todd, Kiril, Alex and Renee are all vegan. All have lived a totally 'green' environmentally protective lifestyle.

They have been dragged through this hell for nurturing a plant - an ancient healing herb - grown for the purpose of benefiting others and eliminating pain and suffering.

This is the United States' interpretation of what constitutes criminal behavior?

My God! What kind of nation, what kind of society have we become?

Cards and letters may be sent to Todd at:

Todd Patrick McCormick
Inmate # 11071-112
P.O. Box 3007
Terminal Island, CA 90731

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