Do you ever realize how tense you are while you're driving down the highway in your car? It's eye-opening when you realize it. You could be right in the thick of rush hour or just going for a nice Saturday afternoon cruise, but if you force yourself to become consciously aware of just how tensed up your body is, especially your legs, you might be mildly amazed. I noticed one day on the way to work and couldn't believe I didn't notice it before. It wasn't a particularly stressful morning, traffic-wise, but yet at one point I actually thought about my legs and became fully aware of how tensed up they actually were. Now I notice it all the time.

I am typically a very relaxed, easy-going guy and not much gets me stressed out, so why do I get so tight and tense when I'm driving? I could be fully engaged in a fit of road rage or just casually strolling down the boulevard and the same thing happens. I think the answer it that we all get totally stressed out while pushing the pedal to the metal. There's just something about driving that drives us all a little crazy, no pun intended. Even during times of easy traffic, I still every once in a while will notice how stiff my legs are. When I relax them the rest of my body follows and the difference in how I physically and emotionally feel is astounding.

Next time you're out driving, whether it's to get to work tomorrow morning or going out for a movie this weekend, at some point become consciously aware of how tense your body is. Then you'll realize, especially if you are going for the movie, how ridiculous it is. Just relax. Not too much, though. Don't get me wrong, I don't want you to fall asleep or let things distract you. But I do believe we can all relax a lot and still be safe, aware drivers.

Just think about it.

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