It's true. At one point in my life I was a "nice guy." I tried to be kind and caring. I listened to people's problems and pointless ramblings for hours on end because I knew they just wanted to talk. I was always to the first to sacrifice things I wanted to do for the sake of another.


I did all these things, not to get women, not because I had been taught to but because that was who I was. I'm not that guy anymore. Oh sure, I will still listen to the problems of my friends, but I would really like them to get to the point. I am not outwardly mean or cruel. I will still open the door for you if your hands are full. But I am not a Nice Guy.

Very little happens without a reason, especially when changing a personality. I used to think that women would like a guy who was.. well ... nice. Oh, was I wrong! They don't want you as a relationship, they keep you on the back burner. They come to you to bitch about how the fucking asshole they are with is giving them shit. You get to hear about how he treats them like dirt, but they put up with it because, "He's so cute!" Screw that.

From all of my time as "The Friend" and being The Nice Guy I have come to a conclusion: Women LIKE assholes! Hey, don't get pissed at me. Oh sure, women will always bitch and moan about how their dickhead boyfriend is not treating them right and how much they would love to meet a nice guy. Then the chance comes for them to make that change. They have finally been dumped by the asswipe and are looking for a new relationship.
And what type of guy to the ultimately choose? Another asshole.

This is simple training. Oh yes, I have been trained; I have learned. Women have taught me one thing. That they LIKE assholes! They like being treated like shit. They LIKE being treated like objects on trophies. They LIKE being stood up and they LIKE guys who don't call.

Women who are reading this are furious right now. You want to downvote me into oblivion. Fine. Do what you must. But if you are honest with yourself you will see that you are just as guilty of this as every other woman on the planet

I will never be the asshole boyfriend. But I definitely have become a bit more bastardly, a bit more jaded, and allot more cynical.

I was a Nice Guy once...


Glowin_Orb: Ok, perhaps you were not reading what I said. I pointed out that I was not behaving the way I was to get women. I acted as I did because it was WHO I WAS. However, as I stated above, I am sick and fucking tired of being bitched to when the type of guy women say they want to date abounds. We are not hard to come by, assholes are less common, yet women seek them out.
Oh, and I am very well aware that this will be nuked into oblivion. I don't care.

Eve007 pointed out in "I am a woman who does not like assholes" which is clearly a rebuttal to this one that not all women are as I describe. Of this I am aware, but the vast majority are. Eve007 is clearly a self-aware and down-to-earth woman who knows what she will and won't put up with. Great! Now if she could teach all the other women out there to be the same way.