I don't know whether anyone else has noticed this, but in the U.S., the news and television and radio has completely stopped covering the devastation in South Asia. The news was covering this terrible catstrophe, but it seems they just dropped the subject completely with the death toll soaring into the hundreds of thousands.
Could this be because we are better off not knowing what kind of diseases and famine is going on over there? With all of the destruction that happened, generations are lost, thousands of bodies are now floating in the ocean, brought out with the current of the receding tidal wave. The media may be sheltering us from this information in order not to start a nationwide panic of diseases making their way to the U.S.
It will be interesting to see what unfolds from this, and when they will start letting us know what exactly is going on down there. Feel free to message me with your comments on this, this is my first (hopefully) successful write-up. Thank you.