Mmm ... my first entry in this daily spill of brains.

I guess I'll start with reading how and what one does when writing a diary on E2.

Anyway, first thought that enters my mind is: where is my roommate ? He's always in bed when I wake up (and also when I go to bed). Probably been kidnaped or something ... it's not gonna occupy my mind, cuz I've got everything to deal with.

Today I'm gonna have a few appointments:
  • dentist - is there a better way to start the day ?
  • VC number 3 - Where's the internet money when you need it ? Hello !!! I'm starting an internet business here. (Where did the time go that the only thing you had to do to get seed capital was to merely mention a vague idea and your intention to build it huge ?
  • SvP - one of the two designers on our team. (The navigation will not work the way they envisioned it _ BULL, the technology is there ... they just need to actually open up one of their manuals and RTFM !

All in all it should be a normal day in the life of a part time college student, e-entrepreneur and enjoyer of life :-)

See ya tomorrow.