The grapple is a tool in Weapons Factory Arena and other games that is usually bound to a key or mouse button, I use the left shift button. When pressed a 3 pronged claw launches from your player in the direction your aiming at, trailing a thick brown cord that unrealistically stays perfectly straight no matter where you move or turn. It continues in a straight line until it hits a surface it can hook onto or encounters a void. If it hooks onto something it begins to quickly reel itself in, pulling your player along. Grappling can be used to reach high places or improve movement in whatever way you can apply it. If you grapple yourself to a position and hold your grapple key you can stay their indefinitely, or until you get killed or bored or whatnot. When grappling, releasing your grapple key or trying to grapple to a void causes your grapple to reset, instantly returning to you. The grapple is also useful as in some games with fall damage, you can grapple the ground before you hit it and take no damage. Some games have configurable grapples, so you can lengthen or shorten the grapples cord once you have hooked on and swing around like tarzan on a vine. A very useful tool, the grapple.