If you had been at my office this morning you would have heard this conversation between me and a co-worker regarding the next name on the list of hurricanes for the year: Karl.

Bart (co-worker): "What's with these Russian names for hurricanes?"
Me: "Huh?"
"First there's Ivan, now Karl."
"Karl's not a Russian name."
"Sure it is! It was Lenin's name."
"No it wasn't. Lenin's name was Vlad."
A Google search confirms this. Also listed in the search results was a page about Karl Marx.
Bart: "Marx! That's it! Karl Marx, the most famous Russian of all."
Me: "Marx wasn't Russian. He's the most famous Communist though."
"Yes, he was Russian. I'm sure of it."
Another Google search reveals that Marx was born in Prussia, not Russia.
Bart: "Prussia is Russian though."
Me: "No, it was German. It was controlled by Germans."
Yet another Google search confirms this.
Bart: "But if someone was a citizen of the Roman goverment, would that make them Romans?"
Me: "Yes it would. Which just proves my point."
"How did we get here again?"
"Hurricane Karl."
"Oh, right."
This whole discussion ranks up there with a similar one yesterday with another co-worker who, when looking at the projected storm path for Jeanne, became so excited and worried about it that he asked me in a flurry of fear, "Are we still in Florida??"