I know I'm religious, but sometimes my resolve weakens. Most of these times are around fast-days.

No, not fast days, rather days of fasting. No food, no water, no shower, no music. And as with all things where you aren't allowed to do something - it feels all the more attractive to do them! No matter how little I need to eat daily, I still feel famished if I'm not allowed to eat. Even if I've just eaten!

I guess that's all part of the negative-psycology, or maybe just the weird of the human condition. It would take a wiser man than me to figure that one out.

Well, since this is a day log, I really ought to mention something about the day, right?
The reason I brought up the fast-thingy was that today was a fast day. A pretty easy one, too. Starting from 05:30 in the morning, to 19:02 at night. It's basically the easiest of all the Jewish fasts. Called Tzom Gedalya, and created after the murder of the Jewish laison to the conqueres - which plunged the remaining parts of the Israeli state into chaos (and eventually, exile.)

So, anyway, my day was a lot of thinking: "Don't eat, don't eat!" and "Don't drink!" with some discomfort, and later on a bonus: a headache! I've still got it, too. I guess this is almost the opposite of a hangover - I didn't drink anything and got messed up (of course, it's simple dehydration. I know...)

I hope my dreams will make up for it...

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