Spoilers for the 1983 film Trading Places follow. Beware!

Snobby, uptight stock market investment genius played by Dan Aykroyd in the 1983 film Trading Places. Winthorpe lived in a posh, upscale townhouse in the rich part of town, enjoyed his job at Duke and Duke Commodities Inc., was engaged to the equally snobby Penelope, and hadn't done a day of hard work in his life. He is the product of so-called "good breeding".

In December 1983 Winthorpe's bosses, Randolph Duke and Mortimer Duke, placed a bet that they could drive Winthrope to theft and at the same time elevate a criminal to high class society. They arranged for Winthorpe to be arrested for theft and possession of PCP which led to the loss of Winthorpe's job, house, seat at the Heritage Club, friends, fiance Penelope, and bank balance. Louis Winthorpe was left to fend for himself with not a penny or possession to his name.

Fortunately for Winthorpe a good hearted prostitute with a heart of gold by the name of Ophelia took pity on him and took him in, gave him clothes, and food. Of course, her help came with a price: $50,000 once Winthorpe had regained his stature.

The poor life was too much for Winthorpe, however, and at Christmas he attempted suicide by overdosing on pills. Ophelia found him before it was too late, thankfully, and called a doctor. Winthrope awoke in his old bed in his townhouse the next morning and learned of the Duke Brothers' deception. Winthorpe and the criminal the Dukes had elevated to high society, Billy Ray Valentine, vowed revenge on the Dukes.

Winthorpe and Valentine learned of one of the Dukes' illegal schemes: to corner the market on frozen orange juice futures by bribing an agriculture department official named Clarence Beeks in order to obtain a copy of the yearly crop report before the report is officially released. Winthrope and Valentine intercepted the report, however, and after subduing Beeks they slipped the Dukes the fake report and then used the real report to corner the market themselves. Winthorpe regained his fortune as the Dukes went bankrupt.

After his stock market adventure Winthrope, Valentine, Ophelia, and Coleman the butler retired to an island in the Carribbean Sea.