Derf is the nom de plume of John Backderf, creator of "The City by Derf". The comic strip is published by quite a few alternative press newspapers. His strips are jaggy-but-compelling illustrations of the darker side of modern life; weird, ranting, outrageous. They are unusually relevant to current events and always on target. In fact, they often get him in trouble with his publishers because of the number of complaints they get about some of his graphic and un-PC strips.

His targets of choice are:

  • Politics:
    • Democrats during Democratic administrations
    • Republicans during Republican administrations
    • All political parties around elections.
    • Whoever is currently president
  • He targets white, middle-class, suburban life with unerring aim using his original character, White Middle-class Suburban Man, a.k.a The Caucasian Crusader.
  • His line of "True Story" strips will have you either shaking your head in disbelief or laughing your ass off, or both.
  • All forms of body modification: bad piercings, tattoos, amputation
  • Bar life: 'Woo' Girls and 'Ow' Boys, Viagra Fiends, etc.

Many of his favorite strips (and mine) can be found on his web-side at