Today, I finally got my cable modem fixed. I bought the broadband access about a month ago, but it wouldn't work on my ethernet card. I dont know what was wrong. I would try it, it would work for about a page, and then the next page wouldn't load up and it would tell me that I wasn't connected. I was like "what the fuck u stupid whore, ure mother fucking connected, load up the fucking site." I was going crazy. About a week later, after talking to the morons at the tech support at the cable provider, as well as talking to the tech support at the company who sold me the computer (Gateway), and that not working at all because they are all so useless. Damn them all. Damn them all to hell.

After about a week or so, I figured that I would try using the cable modem off the USB, and to my suprise it worked. Yet it was about half as times as slow as the ethernet card when it was workin. (USB gave me about 1000kbps, ethernet card gave me at times 2000kbps). I would try the computer on the ethernet card, in another room, and it would work. I am thinking what the hell. Finally, I tried it and it worked normally for several hours, in the room i want it to work in. I am thinking their is some interference in the room or something. If anyone knew what was the problem, would you /msg me and tell me if the problem pops up again.