The Dollar Pizza Slice

Living in an urban area, such as New York City - or Brookyln in my case - it's not hard to find a place that will serve you a slice of pizza. Pizza here varies in quality, from good to near-orgasmic. However, a special section must be set aside for the noble Dollar Slice.

When hanging out on the streets at night with friends, or wandering aimlessly during the day, you tend to get hungry. Given the abundance of pizza places, you can walk anywhere and grab some food. But, what if you don't have a lot of money, or don't want to have to buy a whole pie. What if you just want something quick? Enter the Dollar Slice. Not all pizza places carry the dollar slice, but those that do serve it should be noted in that section of your mind that holds the most practical urban information.

Face it, though, the Dollar Slice isn't going to be Pizza Ambrosia. It's simple, slightly greasy, and always served plain. Toppings are extra, but you don't need them. Just walk in, ask for a slice, and walk out a few minutes later. Consume, and walk away.

A Dollar Slice comes in only a few varieties - but the floppy, greasy, thin crust pizza is the most common. It's easy to eat on the go - which is why I suspect it has such wide proliferation. You can fold it, keeping the grease inside, trapped by walls of cheese, sauce, and crust. Grease is essential to the experience.

The dollar slice is indeed a useful thing to have access to. It's the perfect late night coding snack, or food to grab while drunk. It's especially useful to a college student. Find a pizza place with Dollar Slices, memorize it's location, and respect it. You'll rely on it, one day.