This is the Garden, hack. All of this.

To put it better: when God slapped Adam and Eve down on this bit of rock and grass, they did not yet know what good and evil were -- they did not know that some things were good and some bad; they did not yet know that some things were perfect while others were imperfect -- they did not have the power( the flaw?) to see the imperfection in the world around them and thus, their world was perfect.

When they gained knowledge from the tree, they necesserily banished themselves from The Garden of Eden for now they could see the problems inherent in the world, they could see that they would die eventually, they could feel pain, and they found for the first time that they had trouble communicating even between themselves.

In a very real way, the story of the Garden is a story of man's gaining of sentience and the beginning of human knowledge -- it is the point in history when mankind stepped from the animals... the point where moonwatcher touches the monolith to you 2001: a Space Oddysey buffs out there. The Garden is all around us, but we traded it for civilization. We traded perfection for freedom.