John A. Keel is the writer of several nonfiction novels such as Our Haunted Planet, Disneyland Of The Gods, an autobiography called Jadoo and most notably The Mothman Prophecies which remains the definitive accounting of the supernatural events that plagued Point Pleasant West Virginia between 1966 and 1968.

In addition to his work as a Journalist he has been a radio personality, writer for Playboy, amateur magician and his work in the fields of archeology and herpetology(study of reptiles) has earned him honorary Ph.Ds. Keel is also a noted authority on sound super 8 film.

What separates Keel from other self-styled paranormal investigators is his willingness to adopt less literal interpretations of the phenomena which gives his writing a humorous edge. An intellectual follower of Charles Fort, Keel prefers to view the paranormal in the context of a long reaching pattern which is innately linked to human history.

Keel remains a skeptic in many ways, one of the few in the business, and to this day disputes the existence of black holes.