A legendary monster in West Virginia. It is described as a large humanoid creature with giant moth-like wings and glaring red eyes. Mothman sightings seem to become more common if there have been recent UFO sightings in the area. Unlike mythical creatures like Bigfoot, Mothman seems to seek out people, specifically for the purpose of frightening them.

More info--and a pretty damn scary story--is found in "The Mothman Prophecies" by John Keel.
Mothman sightings are not confined just to the United States. In October 1992, over the Niddrie Burn area of Edinburgh, Scotland. At approximately two o'clock in the morning, a woman awoke to a bright white light shining through her bedroom window. Unable to wake her husband, she rose from her bed and walked over to the window to investigate. Peering out into the night, she saw, standing under a tree at the end of her garden, what she described as a 'giant bird', the size of a human male. Frightened by what she had seen, the witness again attempted to wake her husband, but to no avail. She later said that he appeared to be in some kind of a trance. Returning to bed, the woman then witnessed a bright light enter the room and travel around the wall until it reached its starting point, where it vanished. The witness remained awake until dawn, when she fell asleep.

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