Foreword: I was dismayed to find that, after several suggestions to link my previous write-up, How to smoke marijuana, to a write-up on procuring the green, there lay nothing but nodeshells on the subject. This particular write-up of mine will deal with finding marijuana in the United States, although these tips can probably be used in other countries. Let it be known (for those who don't already have a clue) that marijuana is in fact illegal in the states (as well as many other countries), and you can wind up facing heavy punishment for your actions. Please, be careful. Also, I'm no expert on this subject, especially in regards to other locales, so I encourage anyone who can contribute to do so, no matter what your location.

Ok, so you've either smoked marijuana a few times with friends, or have decided that you want to start. The problem is, you're lacking in the weed department, and growing is out of the question. There's no step-by-step, catch-all guide, sadly, for doing so...everyone's rightfully fearful to reveal their specific sources, due to the illegality of the product. Hence, I give you advice and tips, both on finding a connection and using it right.

Find a stable dealer ASAP - This above everything else, you want to avoid relying heavily on the pimply 15-year-olds that sell in front of your local mall once in a blue moon. Pay a bit more if you have to, if only to reduce your risk of getting busted by some NARC. Also, someone who deals in bigger quantities than dime and nickel bags is preferred. Yes, you may pay a lot of money in one shot for that ounce, but I can almost guarantee you that you'll save tons over what you'd pay for that amount of herb in those tiny individual packages. This has the added benefit of letting you make one deal instead of many over a period of time, further reducing the chances you'll be busted, and ensuring that you'll be set for quite awhile if your connections dry up. Oh, and this should be obvious, but be nice to him/her. (s)he's doing a service to you, and more often than not your kindness and patronage will be rewarded. I've watched dealers give price breaks, and even impressive amounts of free weed out to guys who knew how to handle themselves politely.

Use your social circle to your advantage - This works especially well in college. Have a friend of a friend that smokes up? Get in touch, ask if you can join him/her sometime for a toke. Good way to meet people to smoke with, and once you earn their trust, they'll gladly introduce you to their (wo)man that provides.

Try not to come off as desperate - First off, you shouldn't be desperate for weed. You can live without it, I assure you. Keeping your smoking to a minimum means your tolerance stays low. Keeping your tolerance low means you won't end up like the nut-jobs that go through half-an-ounce in a week, chasing after the supreme high they once had. But this w/u is about buying, and the important fact is this: Especially in the beginning, you'll get ripped off if you're taken for a desperate fool. I thought I got the sale of the century the first time around, when I paid $40 for a bag. Three weeks later, I saw a dime bag even bigger than that, and the greens were just as good.

Avoid the "kb" in the beginning - Don't start getting elitist after three dime bags and decide you're going to smoke nothing but Purple Haze from that point on. You're a novice smoker, admit it, but be pleased about it. You can smoke yourself senseless just as well on mid-grade as you do with the top stuff, unlike the aforementioned nut-jobs. So why pay more money for less weed? Unless the stuff is crawling with insects, or is rife with stems and seeds, go for quantity rather than quality. Besides, half the time dealers today will lie and double their prices for this so-called "kind bud". If you're buying it out of nickel and dime bags, it's probably all the same stuff, only the "Hydro" has an extra $20 tacked on. Worry about strains and quality when you get a stable, trustable connection that sells in bulk, and you're ready to appreciate the differences in various highs.

If you're desperate, think long and hard about where you go for weed - Nobody gets a stable connection right away (for example, this humble author just moved to Northeastern PA, and he's bone dry...), but be careful where you go for your quick fix. Avoid the popular dealer spots in town if you can, those places where dealers tend to congregate can be one big target for busts and NARCs. Malls are risky too, they seem to be a big NARC target. You're especially lucky if you watch someone buy off of somebody...generally the cops like to run in the second the weed is in a user's hands, so a happy pothead usually means a legit dealer. It's a good idea to ask around if you seen teens gathering to hang out. If they look like stoners, they probably are. Ask them if anybody sells around the area. Even people who don't personally smoke might know what's up, and can point you in the right direction. Just be careful who you ask. Once again, use your head.

So, now do you see why people are so paranoid about their hook-ups? Trust me, once you've sweated bullets in semi-risky deals, you'll be just as tight-lipped about your stable source as everyone else. Share your contacts with people you trust, though...some of us have a heck of a time on our own. :o)

Good luck, and again, be careful.

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