I am in a new house that I have purchased and I am becoming aware that I have seen the Mothman (like the one in The Mothman Prophecies) and that I will die.

Only, the Mothman does not predict your death, but simply chooses you and then sends out thousands of people to kill you.

Everyone I encounter tries to murder me--not always in conventional methods either.

When I am in my bedroom, three people sneak in and try to strangle me with a blow dryer cord, drag my body out of the room, fill the bath tub with water and drown me.

Only, I am able to outrun them every time. But I am growing more and more concerned about how I am ultimately going to escape them because they always seem to find me no matter where I am.

Eventually I run to my living room and on the couch, I find a friend, Starla, and another friend, James, on the couch cuddling. Only it seems like James is asleep, despite the cooing noises they make. I am suddenly aware of my problem and I remember that I wanted to wake him up so he could save me.

After much struggle waking him up, he follows me out to my front yard where about six or seven people attack us. The first one attacks James with a cat. The cat claws into his face and I am suddenly afraid that maybe James is not the competent fighter I thought he would be.

But after many of my own fights with the people, I see that James has managed to ward all the villians away and he is left in perfect condition. However, I was pregnant during the fight (with whose baby I do not know) and I deliver what looks like a green and yellow tranquilizer dart. James says something about how it's from Nigeria. I have no connection with myself anymore and I'm no longer a conscious being. He steals the dart from me, making a smug face, and runs off. I am angry with James because he has stolen my baby, and does not view it as a precious lifeform but something of monetary worth instead. Although I have the feeling that I was somewhat dissapointed with the baby itself... it being small, pointy, and not fleshy.

This ends, though.

Now I am waiting to get to school. The schools have been delayed for about two hours because of some occurence on campus. I am sitting in a school bus for some reason, and I am complaining to the person next to me (who I think is my boyfriend, not paying attention to a word I am saying) about how we will now have to stay at school until 6 in the evening because of this.

He shrugs.

When we get to school, it is around lunch time. They have a system for letting people eat lunch. The orchestra and band students get to eat first because they have recently won some prize. The second set I don't remember and the third is everyone else. Because Ben and I are so hungry, we pretend that we are band members and we get in line. Halfway through the line, they are selling bows for string instruments and drum sticks made out of calcium. I am intrigued, but Ben pulls me away saying this is a bad idea.

This ends.

Now I am at a house, it's one of those old houses you expect to see right by the railroad tracks in any town.. kind of run-down, maybe once owned by middle class people in the early 1960's.

This is my house.

At first it is empty and it is on the end of the road. And I am alone and I am a little frightened because everything is so quiet. I am standing out by the road.

A friend, George, comes by and then Ben is there. George pulls his car up to a window and tells us to check out his three new engines. We lift lids up and we see them all. I am not really impressed.. but I am not displeased. I am just sort of indifferent to the engines. I don't understand why someone would need three different engines.

George gets out of the car and we go into the garage. I have the garage door up and inside I have lawn chairs and couchs organized like they are in our journalism work room at school. Everyone shows up and we are sitting around talking. Our newspaper advisor is there and she brings us drinks. Everyone calls her Mom. She doesn't really like bringing us drinks but I can't remember if she doesn't like being called Mom.

But soon this all ends and everyone is gone. I recognize that the Mothman has returned. I am frustrated. How is it that the Mothman follows me everywhere? I have to abandon my house. I see on a plank of wood, someone has used blue spraypaint to leave a message. I forgot it since I woke up, but it was something that seemed nonsensical.

The Mothman stuff ends and now it's like The Simpsons. Marge and Homer are trying to have sex. There is comedy because they can't find anywhere to go, and each scene reveals some new place and it's ironic because the only people who don't know about the place are us, the viewers.

Then it's like Malcolm in the Middle, that show that comes on right after The Simpsons. The oldest brother has a girlfriend and hangs out with a tough crowd that pressures him into doing nothing but have sex. Malcolm tries to convince him that it's not worth it and that they (Malcolm and the brother) can spend quality time in bed together. They have a bed out in the garage and are laying on top of each other.

The girlfriend rides her bike by and asks the older brother if he is going to have sex with her. Malcolm responds, "No, he's not." and she leaves. I wake up.

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