Last I knew, Jason Robards was a resident of Fairfield, Connecticut. I base this on the following anecdote:

In the summer of 1987, as I recall, a friend of mine was making a film, later to be entitled "Orange." Fellow noders who know me personally should be struck by this fact. Anyway, I had a prominent role in this film. It was not, shall we say, a high-budget production; but in fact due to the excellent directorial and editing efforts of my friend and his associate (then an NYU film student), it turned out to be a great movie.

One evening, my friend was filming some scenes in what passes for downtown Fairfield and happened into a local ice-cream parlor whose name escapes me at the moment. Jason Robards was inside, eating an ice cream cone or some other such frozen treat. My friend begged, pleaded even, for the estimable Mr. Robards to be in the film. Mr. Robards politely declined, citing contractual obligations.

Jason Robards also starred in the made-for-TV, horrors-of-nuclear-war-oriented production "The Day After," which I caught recently on the SciFi Network. While a good amount of the political subplot now seems silly, Mr. Robards' portrayal of a midwestern doctor caught up in the destruction was excellent.