Relative to the "don't look back" sentiment of Transform: I think it's a pretty common thing for people to say they want to live their lives in such a way as to have no regrets to look back on, which I guess is a corollary to your point. I think this is a flawed attitude. It's hubris to assume that life will always go your way, and the practical impact of this seems to be that you can wind up building a store of regret on a daily basis--assuming you take some chances.

It's very easy to have just a few little regrets: don't stick your neck out, be safe, hide in the background. The problem is that, when you look back, you may find you have one big regret rather than a thousand small ones.

When I was learning how to ski, it occurred to me that you will fall down a lot if you want to eventually become a reasonable skier. I suspect much the same is true in life. If you don't want to look back and wince at your mistakes, it's your choice. But my feeling is that you've got to take them and learn from them, otherwise it's like having a wound that never heals.