In the first days of college, I met a girl I haven't seen for at leat 5 years. She was the only girl of my age in my neighborhood and we used to play together when we were kids, until I was 12 or 13 and her 13 or 14. Mélanie was her name, and she was cute, blonde and really nice. She was one year older than me and I lost track of her soon after she began high school. So we were quite happy to see each other, and after the usual chitchat in those circumstances, she grabbed me by the arm and led me to a table where her friends were. Then she said:

"Hi guys, this is François, the guy I had a crush on when I was a kid..."

Well, you have to understand that this girl was the topic of my first erotic dream, and of a few more after that. You know what kind of effect a girl entering puberty has on a boy one year younger. This girl had hips, among other things. I spent entire afternoons alone with her in her parent's house... drawing or playing on her Sega Master System.

So much time wasted, I thought.

Today I feel better about it, I suppose that our friendship would probably have suffered from an early attempt at playing grown-ups.

But there is always this little voice in my head saying "What if... yes, it would have been possible..."

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