If work isn't completed in timely fashion i.e. ten or fifteen minutes, call back, they may have forgotten about you. Repeat as necessary.

If you knocked your monitor off your desk on accident it should be covered under warranty. Very carefully explain this to a technician. You may have to repeat yourself as they often don't seem to listen

If someone is attempting to help you with your computer and they start to use a lot of big funny sounding words, you don't have to listen. All that technical goobl-de-gook is no use for you as long as you can collate your mail list.

If a helpful technician has his head stuck in the innards of your workstation, mucking around with the insides, do something helpful and turn your computer back on. There is no reason your time should be wasted because of the technicians inability to fix the problem.

Never look at your cables. They don't do anything important anyways. They just look ugly. In fact, if they don't match your decor, get rid of them altogether.

If the power goes out in your building, there is no reason why you can't continue to work. Explain to the technician that the phones work, so the computers should too.