During the afternoon of May 21, 2001, I watched (Insert Flashy Music HERE) WZZM TV 13's 'on target' weather report. The TV buzzed, "The winds are really strong out here! There is a Tornado Warning in effect for Kent County (East of Holland).

I live between Kent County and Holland... I stood up, looked out the window, to see the sun coming out of the clouds.

I looked back at the TV and the current anchor says, "And it can only get worse. It's scary out there. Be Careful."

I looked outside again thinking: Where the hell is this storm??

Again I hear the reporter, "A Tornado just took down this Best Buy building. and we're here with the Sales Manager." Cue camera to turn to a seventeen year old who looked like he had cut school to work that day. "James. You were inside when this happened? Tell me about it."
James looked at the reporter, "Well, we heard a lot of wind and then came outside and we saw that the shingles on the edge of the roof had been torn." He paused trying to think of ANYTHING to say.

"Would you say this was a scary moment in your life?"

What the fuck? This is stupid! Talk about trying to make news out of Nothing!

"I guess," James returned.

"Back to you in the Booth..."

...And people wonder why the truth gets twisted when it's getting exchanged through the hands of the media?