I wish this wasn't true, really I do.

I went to the movies with a friend to see "Scary Movie" (which sucked royally) on Saturday night, and we decided to get something to eat before the show. So, we're in line for the concession stand, and a teenage couple is right in front of us. The boy orders, and then the girl walks up to the counter. She asks if what's in the display booths is all that they have. The guy working the booth gives her an odd look and says yes. She asks if they have anything healthy. The guy starts to get aggravated and says that all they really have is popcorn and candy. She says "Oh" and then pauses for a minute.

What she said next: "Are you sure, like, you don't have anything healthy? Maybe, like, some celery or something?" Her boyfriend bursts out laughing at this point, and the server goes completely bug-eyed and says, "No, ma'am, WE DO NOT HAVE CELERY AT THIS MOVIE THEATER."

...and the girl had the gall to walk off with an indignant look on her face.

The best part: I saw her again in the theater when we went inside a few minutes later, and when I saw who she was sitting with I realized that I knew who she was...she was a few years younger than me and had just graduated from my high school.