An Informal Noder Gathering in Ann Arbor from the Voiceless Perspective
evening of September 25, 2001

A more proper title of this gathering would be "Holland, MI escapees mingle with fellow western michiganers and one dizzy.” The following people were present:

The night started with a message from Cliff inviting me and several others to dinner and coffee afterwards. I turned down the dinner invitation due to my sensitive taste buds and narrow minded H-Town-ness, but was later convinced to show up by Nick and Aaron who were starving. Aaron had just consumed a little under a pound of overcooked pasta, yet he insisted his hunger still persisted.

I was informed that I must wait outside in the cold drizzle of rain and wait for Nick and Aaron to pick me up in front of West Quad. I did. Nick was wearing nothing other than a thin white t-shirt with a rip in the side. I was cold with four layers on. He claimed to possess no warm clothes on this side of the state. I think that’s why he volunteered to drive.

We drove around looking for a parking spot on the street, a hopeless act at any hour, especially dinner time. We ended up in a parking garage for two cents a minute.

Although we waited at the designated restaurant for fifteen minutes or so, I recognized no fellow noders and could not bring myself and my froggy voice to ask every person present if s/he knew who I was looking for. Me and my two boys took off for Sweetwaters, a coffee place northwest of the restaurant. I ordered a vanilla Italian soda, Aaron had a Psycho Monkey, and Nick had nothing. He got to pay for parking. Heh.

Within the hour we were joined by clampe, abra, dizzy, kurt and gtsum. We discussed the origins of everything and the present location of the creator. He is with the smartest woman in the world, whom he followed to Alaska. The conversation soon evolved to things beyond my comprehension, so I was unable to do much more than stare in confusion and drink melted ice. Cliff and Nick seem to know each other without knowing each other, somehow. It turns out I like green beans with mushroom soup and fried onion things on top. West Ottawa High School installs a lot of memories in four short years, while Hamilton seems to have a bad reputation despite creating the before mentioned smartest woman in the world. I have met two other females from Hamilton, maybe three. One is a skank ass ho named Sheena, while the other (abra) is a sweetheart with flowers in her hair. The third was a psychotic girl without a conscience, and I would as soon forget her as not. She caused nothing but nastiness wherever she traveled. At least a third of the people I know from that district are (is) worth more than a smack in the face.

theguildedframe made a brief appearance. I saw him long enough to see the expression on his face before he fearfully hurried past the two tables we had pushed together. My boys and I had to take off before he ever returned. He seemed friendly once he got a fair distance away from everyone yelling his name.

I hope to share more caffeine with these wonderful people many more times over the next four years I’m here. Hopefully they’ll stay put long enough to hang around with. I expect to have my voice return within the week, although I cannot promise a competant discussion on anything more complex than html.

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