Nalgene also makes lab equipment. I don't think it can really be called glassware. The indestructible bottles are actually somewhat destructible. They're made of Lexan, which is very solid, but somewhat brittle. The softer translucent white bottles made of form of HDPE, are less likely to actually fracture.

I know this because someone once used one of my Lexan bottles, filled with water, to try to hang a bear bag ina tree. The rope used was too long, went up, missed the branch, fell down, hit a rock, and cracked. Actually, no, that's not quite what happened. The rope was looped through the lid loop. (Nalgene bottles typically have a lid which screws on and off, attached by a plastic loop to the neck of the bottle.) The rope pulled the lid loop off the neck, the bottle fell, hit the rock.

Anyway, the Lexan model is really great if you have to pour boiling hot water into it (if you're purifying water by boiling it). The opaque/translucent models go squishy at that temperature, which is disconcerting.

The Nalgene 1 litre bottle comes in both wide-mouth and narrow-mouth varieties. Both have their uses. The narrow-mouth model is much easier to drink out of. The wide-mouth bottle is much better for filling from streams/lakes. It also can have water filters attached.