(I made this guy for dessert last night... people liked it. One even wanted to marry me.)


  • one big double handful flour
  • one middlin' single handful cane sugar
  • one big double handful brown sugar
  • a few shakes of baking powder (maybe a tablespoon or so)
  • a stick and a half of butter, softened
  • some vanilla
  • a mess of peaches, sliced thick
  • three big double handfuls of blueberries (about 2 nalgenes full if you pick 'em yourself, like I like to do)
  • 2 eggs, or 3 if you like eggs
  • watermelon juice
How to do it:

First make the crust. Mash up the butter and sugar together in a big bowl until it's smooth; you can use a mixer for this if you don't like your food. Mix up the flour and baking soda in another bowl, then pour that all into the butter and sugar and start mixing it up. Then add the eggs, and the vanilla, and start mixing it all up with your hands (the only way to get it all mixed up good). You're looking for a nice doughy consistency, and it should be a little sticky. Set that aside.

Get out a big baking pan; 9x13 should do it. Dump the peaches and berries in there; pour in some watermelon juice, then pour in the brown sugar and get the fruit well and thoroughly coated. You need more sugar than you think; baking takes a lot of the natural sweetness out of the fruit. Dollop the crust mixture on top, and stick the whole thing in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes or so, until the crust is nice and brown. Easy, and delicious.

Tips for success:

As you may have noticed from the measures I give, this is not an exact science. It is an art. Don't sweat over exactly how much sugar, or flour, or whatever to put in there - put in as much as you like. don't like eggs? use something else to make the batter sticky. Too often people concentrate on following recipies instead of just cooking.


it's fun, you know...

at least it should be

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