A three piece "Vamp Rock" act based out of Vancouver, B.C. now consisting of three brothers (since the departure of Lab Drac).
Singer Nim Vind borrowed the name from J.R.R. Tolkien's novel "Lord of the Rings" after reading the novel. This new style of music- Vamp Rock - can be described as a unique hybrid that blends the crooning style of the 50's with a nocturnal sonic energy...

Mr.Underhill are:

Nim Vind - Vocals, Guitar
Robbie K - Bass, Vocals
and Anthony Kilz - Drums

Formed 1998, they have three albums out so far:

"What Will I Do When You Are Fallen?" (1998)

Track Listings:

1.Fate's Gift
2.The Downs
3.Our Mother's Hour
4.Bury the Distaste
5.When I'm Gone
8.After the Rains

"Vamp" (2000)

1.Glitter Like Darkness
2.A Trick of Light and Shadow
3.Sunset Sweetheart
6.The Weirding Way

Phantasm Drive-In (2001)

1.Saturday Night Creepers
2.The Midnight Croon
3.Killer Creature Double Feature
4.Automation and 3..2..1 Warp!
5.In the night
6.Blue Movies
7.The Fever
8.The Fashion of Fear

They are usually described as a mix between The Misfits and Bauhaus. With a bit of Billy Idol on the side.

Official website : http://www.mr-underhill.com