3D Realms, The developer of DNF (as it's cool to call it) maintains the press blackout by not releasing any screenies or movies, but they did put together an kick ass trailer for E3 2001. You can get it from 3drealms.com, and I personally recommend the high quality Bink version.

From what we can tell (official sayings and info from 3DR's message board) is that the game will take place partly in Las Vegas and the main badguy will be Dr. Proton from the original Duke Nukem PC game from waaaay back in 1991. Powered by the UT version of the Unreal engine, DNF doesn't have any of the internal company problems that Ion Storm had while making Diakatana. 3D Realms, funding Duke Forever pretty much totally of Duke Nukem 3D sales, has only lost one employee during DNF's development, and that was a programmer who left the industry for personal reaons. They've hired additional staff (like Brandon "Greenmarine" Reinhart from Epic) and, from what the trailer alludes us to, we can hopefully expect to see this game in the year 2001.

Just as a side note, yes I did play a lot of Duke Nukem 3D and I loved it. Personally, I love 3DR's style of the media blackout and then "When it's done release date. Oh, and as a example of how cool the company is....I've emailed George Broussard (part owner/lead designer at 3D Realms) twice to show my support after someone in the industry knocked 3DR, and I got two responces within a few hours. I'm sorry, but to me that's just really freakin' neato. ;)