This dream was supposed to be movielike, but I think I blew it.. Some kids had fortified themselves into underground base, and Mel Gibson was the man to secure the base. He had two large pistols, and me as his assistant. I didnt have guns, but I ran ahead of him, and when I noticed enemies, I shouted for him and took cover while he shot two guards from the surface entrance. I ran again ahead of him and grabbed the dead guards light machineguns before getting down from the hatch they had been guarding. I climbed down the ladder, but before getting down I noticed that there were two explosive crates with detonators below me. I blew them up with my right machinegun, and continued downwards. I got into some kind of communications center with about 13 year old children in it. I quickly noticed that bigger ones with leather jackets had uzis, so I opened fire with my both weapons at them, and before they could shoot back, I ducked behind a console. Bullets pierced the circuits inside the console with loud crackle, but I rolled left to the side of it and opened fire again, this time killing even more of them. Some younger ones tried to wield pistols, but they fell easily, and soon the heroic Mel Gibson arrived to the action and killed two remaining uzi kids. I shot two more kids before noticing that they were surrendering, so I jumped from joy as the mission was successful. Meanwhile, the view turned from me to pondering Mel Gibson and mystical music started as he started at bullet frozen in air in front of his face..