I was playing the board game version of Tiberian Sun with my friend, and wondered about the trucks those werent available in the computer game. They were some kind of trading convoys, but I wondered what was the point about that when there was only tiberium to trade anyway. I quit the game when I got a better idea, since somewhy I suddenly realized that I needed three types of radiation for something cool to happen.

I wired two coils on two clothes hangers and placed them on the livingrooms desk in 90 degrees angle against each other. I measured their radiations with a multimeter, and I realized that the third type of radiation could most easily be archieved from uranium. I dont remember where I got the uranium wand from, but when I carried it in the house with long thongs, everyone got worried about the unhealthines of radioactive substance, but I knew the risk wasnt too big unless I'd stay exposed for too long time. As I prepared to connect the wires of the hangers with the uranium wand, I got a bad feeling that I would mutate to some sort of beast in the progress, but I thought it wont actually be that bad anyway, and connected the wires.

I wasnt mutated, but instead I got a huge electric shock from the wires, and my eyes got filled with red and green haze for a while. It suddenly got colder, and as my vision returned, I noticed that I was standing in a purple and blue field of an alien planet. I walked for a few steps, wondering about the clear night sky and geometrically curved mountains at the edges of the field, untill I stepped on something soft and sunk into a shallow underground hole. The walls of the hole were glowing yellow, and I started to panic as I noticed that they sent slow, yellow balls of light into my body. It begun to feel warm, but I dont remember anything for a while.

Later in the dream I had got to know a russian-style civilization of what seemed like brown werewolves. They had a war against the emperor of the planet, and one of the war machines I saw was a half-ball shaped shiny vechile which was known as Panic Chariot, but the largest threat was an imperial battlecruiser in the orbit around the planet. The werewolves believed I was the chosen to destroy the battlecruiser, and while waiting for my transport to the orbit, my eyes caught a comic magazine lying on the ground. I picked it up and readed it for a while, finding out that it contained lots of mermaids and goat-taurs. The fights with bows and arrows lasted several pages, as there were several pictures of every action in combat, some of which seemed completely unimportant, but apparently their idea of good entertainment had developed differently than Earth's entertainment.

I dont remember how I got to the battlecruiser, but I headed out to block the supply of energy from its engineroom. The room had a large machine with three two-meter wide transparent pipes heading halfway through the room, and though the back wall of the room was missing, the air didnt seem to get out into the space for some reason. I shruddered from the unpleasant memory as I noticed that the engine used the yellow balls of light for propulsion. I grabbed myself a large shield and walked to one of the pipes to block it, when the emperor of the planet came to stop me. He had a large grey shield with picture of a red head of a lion on it, and as I had to hold the shield to block the yellow lights, he got easily behind me and prodded me with his shield, sending me into the tube towards the ships engine. My shielf fell and the yellow lights touched me again, but now I felt a real enlightement.

Suddenly I understood that the planet was a living being, and the werewolves were actually nothing but animals, which the planet had raised to intelligence to fight the empire that was harmfull for the planet. That explained why the werewolves had castles and other primitive structures while the empire had spaceships, and I also understood that the planetary consciousnes had charged me with its own energy in order to give me more strenght when I needed it, and now was the right time to use that energy. I jumped against the emperors shield, and started to glow with the yellow aura as I hurled the emperor backwards. His shield fell as he stumbled over, and he showed great fear as I grabbed him and threw him through the tube into the ships engine. His screaming was cut short by the scorching sound, and as the smell of charred flesh filled the air, I woke up.