This dream takes place in a hotel with three rooms reserved for us. "Us" consists of me, mum, dad and Iiris, a cute and boyish classmate. Once the outlook of Iiris reshapes and reminds a lot Susanna, my girlfriend, but this is just a blip and soon over.

Iiris is in another bedroom while mom is lying on the bed and dad conspires that we should sneak into other room and peep while Iiris is changing. I claim my opposition to the idea but if the truth be telt, I'm very keen to get into her knickers. Presenting it as a protective manner, I slide into the bedroom and close the door behind me. I don't know what to say but luckily Iiris doesn't hesitate to approach me in a counterconspirational manner - like she had heard everything - and tells me that we should steal my parents' clothes. I don't see what's the big idea but I like it when she's leaning on me and I ask her to explain herself out.

Suddenly I'm back in another room and Iiris is chatting with my dad. I help mum to dress up. When done, mum and dad go out leaving us alone. I give Iiris a kiss indicating that I love her but there's hardly any response. I get an impression that she's considering this and not sure about her feelings.

Mum and dad are back like they had never been away but now there's a plastic bag full of wine bottles here. I take one out as I want to have a drink with Iiris. Dad joins in which is fine for me because he jokes around relaxing the atmosphere even further. We never even taste the wine but talk away...

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