Wow. I can feel my brain rotting already.

You know you've been sitting at a computer for too long when you realize you just on it for the sake of being on it. I've been doing just that for the past hour. I can't get off because.. I don't know why. It's an addiction: you know you should get off and do something productive rather than just playing Yahoo Games or Solitaire until your mind feels numb, but you can't do it.
I think in my particular case I get hooked because of instant messaging systems like ICQ. I don't want to get off if there's someone on who I can talk to. So I play my mindless little microsoft games until I can play them in my sleep, and I repeat "I'm bored, what are you doing" and "nothing" at the same people for hours on end. Hooray endless repetition.

I've made all the changes I can currently make on my site. I'm not going to redesign it all over again.. at least not for a few more months.
I don't feel like writing my book. I've got every plot problem except one worked out and now I'm avoiding the hard part: writing the damn thing... Things. It's gone from one book to five, or even six if I decide to do the last one. Damn.
I don't want to play Solitaire. If I play it too much I start playing it in my sleep, or any time I'm not exactly thinking of anything. I used to do that with Tetris a lot, but I cut down so now I'm okay.
I don't want to play around with Photoshop right this minute either.
So here I am on E2. The true source of information I never knew existed... at least it's something to keep my brain alive. Which is good.

I think.

At least I have Winamp to make sure I'm not completely numbed. A good mix of good songs and nonsense keeps me awake. Metallica, Sesame Street remixes, Moist, and random .wav files. And Denis Leary. Yay me.
I have lots of things to be doing, but somehow I'm still being a zombie in front of this hypnotising box.

No, don't kick me off!
I'd rather sit here mindlessly staring than wander around the house and be bored to death. Because that's exactly what always happens.
It's just another type of zombie activity, only I'm staggering around in circles instead of staring numbly at a screen.

Oh well.