In a house.

On the shore of a lake. Two houses - one to either side of me. One house is house I was in in previous section.
I'm going to swim to an island - it's forbidden to do it. Flanders comes up with a rifle.
Me: "Come on now...six times... I swim to the island, you try to kill me... it's tradition!"
(I don't do it)
(In dream - I think "I have done this before" as in recurring dream. {So some lucidity})

On ice with hockey team before game. I'm extra player, only there just in case. Put on dented red helmet ("Stupid Helmet!") which makes me think of dented white Lego helmet.

At Jon's house. Walking... doing something. "Too bad... cats won't come out." Hear car pull into garage, get out of room. Have to be somewhere else when they get in.

Normal. Some bright, some dull.

Overall Mood
Cheerful, playful?(island scene). Some anxiety (I can't play hockey/something about Jon's parents)

This one's really fragmented. I *know* there's more... so much more... but I can't.. get it.