In the Tardis, Doctor Who (played by William Hartnell) and his current companions, me and my real-life niece Chloe, were watching a documentary. It was about a hypothetical situation involving a planet inhabited by two intelligent species: humans, and a race of beings with the upper bodies of bald, raw-red-skinned humans and the lower bodies of jungle cats (taurs, if you will). The humans were the dominant species until the taurs slowly became dominant. Eventually, one of the humans overheard a taur call the humans an offensive term often used by the taurs. This was all it took for the humans to overthrow the taurs, who de-evolved into seahorse-like creatures. The human who started this uprising visited a zoo where some of these former taurs were kept, and made a witty comment to the former taur who he had overheard. The other former taurs, realising that this former taur had started it all, devoured the unlucky former taur.

Back on the Tardis, one of us sent a message to a group of adolescent astronauts in a ship orbiting future Earth, telling them to come down to Earth near New Zealand. The resulting crash rendered them all blind.

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