I dreampt that I was in a villiage from the 9th century, with a prince and his princess. They told me that the king, which was the princess' father, was trying to turn their villiage into a mall. They wanted me to help them pick food from the crops they'd planted so they could remind the villiage people of the hard work they had to do to get their villiage up and running. So while we were picking food, I heard a huge roar from the other side of the field. I looked up and it was a bull dozer, plowing the trees and fields up. We began to run and dropped all of the food that we were carrying in our arms. I saw that the people were in some kind of trance. I asked the princess what was wrong with them, and she pointed out to me that the king had a mega phone that put a spell on the people when he spoke through it. I went up to the king and I began to ask him a lot of questions, soon he got very distracted by one of my questions, so I took the mega phone from him and told the people to kill the king. The people ran to the king, but somehow when they got to him, they recognized him as someone great and began to come after me. The prince grabbed my hand and we ran together into the deepest parts of the forest. When we stopped running we were in pitch black darkness.

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