It was a kind of continuation of a previous dream. I was in London again, and I was supposed to amuse some people who were with me. I was taking them to see the street singing and the horse-drawn buses arriving with all those irish characters getting off, singing and dancing and trying to get us to buy old-fashioned clothes to resemble them.

Except we were late and someone was lagging behind and probably lost, so we were urgently trying to phone them on our mobile phones. I found I was with my ex-wife, and was telling the others that her phone was funny, and looked like a shoe. I folded it open and the inside was lined in white paper like a shoebox. We all laughed, but then my own phone started playing up.

I had dialed a number and was adjusting it to hold to my ear when I suddenly found that half of it had folded and changed shape, like a Transformers robot. It was now like a part of an old camera case. The other half was still normal until I touched it, then it too folded and became bigger.

It kept going through transformations as I tried to get it back to normal, looked like a model car and then machine parts, and so on, always with a display and number buttons though to prove it was still a phone.

During all this we had wandered around central London and were at the parliament building, except there was a park on the river side of it, and a show of brittish military might was going on with submarines and boats and jets and helicopters all flitting about me as I tried to get my phone back to normal. I ended up with it looking like a spaceship out of Star Wars, trying to diminish it down to pocket size again.

The show ended and suddenly I was in the way of several princes and their weird entourages leaving and entering through a side door of the parliament building. I was pushed in the way of a troup of robotish performers doing some show involving acrobatics, made my way through and then was attacked by a mime in robot gear who tried to steal my phone, which was now the size and shape of a CD player(someone had just shouted a warning at me to hold onto it).

I held on to it with both hands but he was pressing against me and his other hand grabbed my balls. I woke up.

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